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Chapter One Need urgent help?

Gambling affects millions of people in the UK

How and where to get help
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Are you worried about the effect gambling might be having on you or the people around you? This could be something you’ve only recently noticed or you may have been affected for a long time.

Gambling addiction is one of the most common addictions, harming millions. It can affect anyone, at any time, from all walks of life, and it is caused by products that are addictive and marketing that makes you think it’s safe and normal to gamble.

You are not alone, it’s not your fault, and we are here to help.

Help that works is available. 

Exposure to gambling can impact your physical and mental health, your wellbeing, your money, relationships, education, or your job. The impact can range from manageable to severe.

Gambling addiction is a recognised mental health condition. Symptoms include not being able to stop gambling despite wanting to and being preoccupied with thinking about gambling.

Gambling harms are caused by addictive products designed by the gambling industry to make you want to gamble and to keep you gambling. These harms are not your fault.

If you are not sure whether you want help right now, or would like to know more about how gambling might be affecting you, you can find out more here.

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Why is this happening?

There are some things you should know...

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    Some forms of gambling are more harmful than others

    All forms of gambling carry a level of risk and can be harmful.

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    The way gambling impacts your brain

    Gambling can rapidly hijack the human brain to cause addiction in everyday life.

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    The gambling industry targets those who are already harmed

    If you’re experiencing harm from gambling you’re nine times more likely to be offered incentives like free bets.

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    Advertising misrepresents the benefits and risks

    The gambling industry spends £1.5 billion a year on advertising.

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    Gambling companies don’t want you to know

    The gambling industry’s ‘safer gambling’ initiatives are not transparent about how addictive some products are.

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    We're here to help...

    Whatever the reasons, we understand and we are here to help.

My recovery has been built upon specialist support – people who understand gambling addiction. This could be through their own lived experience or through qualified knowledge of behavioural addictions. It’s vital that people who have been identified as struggling with their gambling, are referred into specialist organisations who are there to provide relevant, effective support.
Will, in recovery from a gambling addiction