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Chapter One Need urgent help?

If your role brings you into contact with people experiencing gambling harms, and you want to help, then Chapter One is here for you.

Too many committed professionals have told us that they know an increasing number of their service users are experiencing gambling harm, but they don’t have the tools and information to engage them or know where to refer them if they did.

Chapter One is free from gambling industry funding and influence.

Chapter One will offer a solution by providing:

  • Information, tools, and training for providers of support including:

    • Citizens’ advice and support services

    • Student Welfare Services

    • Social Services

  • Bespoke training for healthcare professionals including:

    • GPs

    • Primary care and community nurses

    • Mental health practitioners


Our training has been developed based on the best available international evidence on gambling-related harm, by clinicians, and by people with lived experience.

As part of the development of our training, we commissioned an assessment of the quality of the existing training available in the UK, which found almost all of the training available in the UK was funded by the gambling industry and added to the stigma associated with gambling harm. Much of the training obscured the best routes into treatment for people with addictions.

  • Chapter One is piloting and evaluating its training offer in Greater Manchester in 2023. From 2024 the training will be available nationally both in person and through an e-learning portal that will form part of this professionals hub.

    For more information and for details of course dates in Greater Manchester please email

    • Build understanding of: ‘gambling harms and risks’ and how serious they are; the causes of addiction - the role of industry and the addictive nature of some gambling products; the lived experiences of those impacted including affected others

    • Know where to signpost or refer

    • Be able to list the causes of gambling addiction

    • Address stigma and prejudice,  build empathy and understanding that ‘suffering gambling harms is not the fault of the individual

    • Build skills, confidence and knowledge so participants can identify if someone needs help and support
      Know what to do and how

    • Know how to ask the right questions and have the conversation

    • Know where to go for information and support. Help people take some simple steps now

    • Learn about gambling harms, the causes and the serious impact they have on health and lives

  • Module 1: Gambling and the people you come into contact with

    Module 2: We have a problem

    Module 3: The Causes and Impact of Gambling Harms

    Module 4: Stigma and Prejudice

    Module 5: How can you help?

    Module 6: How to have the conversation

Information for professionals

Specialist information and resources to support professionals will become available on this hub in the coming weeks. If you want information now on gambling harms and the causes of gambling addiction please start here.