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Our vision is a society that understands gambling addiction and is united in stopping the causes and harms. Our work is shaped by experts, research and lived experience.

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Why is this important?

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    The prevalence of gambling harms is high

    Estimates of the number of people addicted to gambling in the UK range from 300,000 to 1.4 million.

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    Everyone's at risk

    There's one gambling-related suicide every day. One 11-16 year old in every classroom is directly affected by gambling.

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    The impact can be devastating

    This includes damage to lives, communities, mental and physical health, finances, relationships, education, and jobs.

About Chapter One

Chapter One is a partnership between two organisations dedicated to reducing the harm gambling causes to society: Gambling with Lives and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. Together, we are piloting Chapter One in Greater Manchester to learn what works best to help individuals and society prevent and treat gambling harm. Chapter One is funded by a regulatory settlement allocated by the Gambling Commission as a part of the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms and is free from gambling industry influence.

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I wish that someone had spoken to me and put out a helping hand to say it will be ok. Education and reassurance are so important and the need to make gambling harms normal is the key.
David, lived experience of gambling harms

We are committed to our mission: ‘to reduce the harm caused by gambling addiction’ through:

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Better access to evidence-based treatment for everyone who needs it

Why? Not enough people get the help they need

Only 3% of the 1.4 million people affected get the help they need.  It’s not easy for people to find information about what help is available and how to access it.

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Information and education for the public

Why? People have not been made aware that:

  • The narrative is controlled by the gambling industry, which points the finger at individuals rather than its own products as the cause of harm.

  • Some forms of gambling bring a high risk of harm. They are designed by the gambling industry to be addictive.

  • There are things they can do if they are worried about themselves or someone else.

  • They are not alone. There's support from a community of people affected by gambling and in recovery. Treatment that works is available on the NHS, delivered by a team of experts, which can be accessed directly and easily.

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Evidence-based information, training and tools for healthcare professionals and all professions in contact with those affected by gambling.

Why? Key information has not been easily accessible so professionals are not fully informed:

  • That gambling addiction is a clinically recognised psychiatric condition or that gambling can affect many parts of a person’s life.

  • Of symptoms to look for

  • Of questions to ask and how to have a conversation with those affected.

  • That they can refer people to evidence-based treatment easily and quickly through NHS gambling clinics.

We are committed to changing this.